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21st August 2023

Abstract submission deadline

29th August 2023

Pre-Congress Workshop registration deadline

1st September 2023

International Congress of Physiological Athropology registration deadline

5th-6th September 2023

Pre-Congress Date

7th-8th September 2023

ICPA 2023 Date

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About ICPA 2023

Welcome to the 16th International Congress of Physiological Anthropology, biannual congress of International Association of Physiological Anthropology. International Association of Physiological Anthropology is the union of Anthropology, Human Biology and Physiological Anthropology societies around the world.


The IAPA (former ISPA, International Society of Physiological Anthropology) was first established when the 3rd International Congress of Physiological Anthropology was held in Nara, Japan in 1996. Physiological Anthropology is the scientific discipline which focused on homo sapiens as the subjects existing in modern technological society of today and aspired to the creation of living environments and lifestyle systems based on research which attaches importance to human characteristics evaluated from a viewpoint encompassing the past, present and future.


Our main aims are to research humans in modern society from physiological and cultural standpoints. By doing so, we aim to create a truly healthy and comfortable living environment. In addition, our congress provides a platform for exchanging ideas, information, and knowledge to advance the field of physiological anthropology further.


We invite you to join us at the 16th International Congress of Physiological Anthropology, where you will have the opportunity to engage with experts and researchers worldwide and learn about the latest advancements and trends in our field.

Fund & Scholarship




The members of the organizing committee of the 16th International Congress of Physiological Anthropology held a courtesy visit to Sabah Tourism Board on 12th August 2023. The Sabah Tourism Board was represent by YB Datuk Joniston Bangkuai (Assistant Minister of Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Environment) while the organizing committee were represent by Dr. Syed Sharizman, Ms. Jecelyn Leaslie John, Mr. Jaeyres Jani from the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, UMS and Dr. Trixie Kinajil from the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, UMS.  

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